I've been using The Browser Company's Arc as my default browser for over a month. Here are some of my thoughts 👇 1/7

I love that when I type the url of another site in pinned tabs, it opens in a new tab. I have a bad habit of going to another site w/o opening a new tab. I avoided using pinned tabs in other browsers for this reason, but this fixes it. 2/7


I also like multiple windows of the same space have the same tabs. No more dragging tabs between browser windows. 3/7

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On the things I don't like, split view is so finicky to use. I often end up switching the wrong side to another tab. It'd be nice if a tab could be in split view, and other tabs are normal, like Naver Whale or iPadOS. 4/7

I'm conflicted about whether to use web apps in Arc or their "native" apps. I love what Arc has done with the integrations with Figma and Notion, but I also like seeing them in my dock. I hope they would add Discord integration, so I can see my most recent channels & DMs. 5/7

I'm also conflicted about using Arc spaces vs macOS spaces. I use the browser in concert with other apps, and when I switch space/context in Arc, I wish other app windows are also switched. But it probably is too big of an ask to have Arc as my window manager as well. 6/7

But for now, I'll have a window for each Arc space and have each one in a different macOS space.

That's all for now, it's good to see a new take on the browser, and I look forward to how will they continue to improve it! 7/7

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