Hi, everyone! This interview by Jony Ive is 👌🏻 ind.pn/2RAWpHU, just like his every interview 🤷‍♂️

👋 Hey folks!

My name's Rich and I'm an interaction designer based out of Sydney, Australia.

I'm currently the UX lead at an agency called PreviousNext and I also write and talk a lot about microcopy (I've actually got a little blog called goodmicrocopy.com if that stuff interests you).

Glad to join the group! And thanks @rafa for the invite!

Hi, friends! 👋 Guess what? At Netflix, we're looking to hire a System Designer! 🎨📐📣

FTE, on-site. Systems thinking, and previous experience or contributions to a System are required. 🙃

Please send my way some portfolios, if you're interested! Boosts are also appreciated. 🙏

Good morning, everyone!
Can someone give me an invite to Dribbble? I would be very happy (:

Omg, the new Porsche 911 ... with a notch 😂. Jony Ive is really the most influential designer today (:

Hello, I'm Dan, product designer out of sunny Miami, FL. Super excited to join this community 😀


I'm a product designer from Brisbane, AU, looking for my next role globally.

I started in print, but found my love for digital product upon joining Josephmark in 2012, where I stayed until Feb '18.

I'm contracting with Ustwo until Xmas for the Australian Broadcasting Corp.

Beyond that I'm willing to move anywhere for the right role. I'd most love to join a global scale product company with a strong design culture. Know anyone?

WIP folio: gantic.co

Any advice?

Apple just announced that all facilities worldwide run on 100% renewable energy!

Hi everyone! Do you think it is worth learning the prototype-specific language (I’m looking at React) instead of actual Swift? My logic is - knowing Swift I would be able to rapidly make actual working prototype in XCode rather than the dummy in, say, Framer. Maybe I’m missing something?
Especially interested to hear the position of @rafa and @kevin (:

Hi, everyone! Does someone do real design work on iPad? I really love Affinity Designer + Apple Pencil + 12.9 inch iPad, but still using Mac with mouse/trackpad feels more convenient for some reason.

Good morning, folks! What is the most recent book you read and enjoyed? And why?
For me it is “Typographie” by Emil Ruder. I really love how author briefly, but thoroughly explains fundamentals of typography and graphic design. Pictures in the book are just perfect as well👌🏻. The book imo is timeless.

The new album by Blood Orange is pure eargasm. Can’t stop listening for the second day in a row. Highly recommend to any neo-R’n’B lover itunes.apple.com/ru/album/negr

Hello, Design Mastodon! 👋 We're hiring Sr. Product Designers at Netflix! Onsite position (Bay Area, or LA). If interested, please send my way your portfolios, referrals, or questions. Don't be shy! Boosts are appreciated too 😄

Can someone recommend good static site generator to make a portfolio? Nothing fancy, just several pages for “about me”, “projects” etc.

@rafa As they say “the last four letters in queue are not silent, they’re just waiting for their turn”.

Hi, everyone. My name is Dmitry and I am from Russia.

Design has been my passion for very long time. Currently I am in the process of transition from finance/consulting career into the UX/UI and graphic design.

I will leave my job in October and we with my wife and daughter will fly to Asia for about eight months. In the process I will be looking for remote design job. My portfolio is almost ready.

By the way, thanks to @kevin for invite here (:


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