Any recommendation for Invision alternative?


@tina Figma has decent prototyping but not the best. They're working on some great things to be released soon though. Also, we dropped InVision in favor of using Figma for all things design related.

Thank you!@victorkernes I was looking into Figma the other day. Using Figma means designing and prototyping in Figma. I still want to design from Sketch since there are so many useful plugins that I cannot live without it.

@tina Definitely understand! What are some of your favorite Sketch plug-ins and what do they do?


I really depend on auto layout. Once you set up correctly in advance, when you add new contents later, it will automate shift things around. Craft plug-in to sync the file to invision as well as grab the data from website. also love Angels free mockup plug-in which is a huge time saver for mockup sake!

What are your favorite plug-ins that you recommend?

@tina Hi Tina! I primarily use Figma for everything and I don't think it currently has any plug-ins. Sorry I can't be more of help here!

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