Hey everyone, happy to be on here with you all!

I’m an UX Designer from California, living in San Francisco. Always down to chat or grab a coffee whenever you’re in the city. ☕️

A little more about me, I love basketball (NBA in particular), talking on podcasts, working on side projects, and meeting up with new folks.

I’m everywhere else @victorkernes on the internet so hopefully will get to chat with you here and elsewhere.

Thanks again to Rafa Conde for the invite! 🙌

@vrmchk Excellent! Would love to link up some time to chat. 😀

@victorkernes yeah, that would be nice. When’s good time for you?

@vrmchk anytime is usually fine for me, which time zone are you in?

@victorkernes I am GMT +3, now here is 9-24 pm. Where do you want to chat? Twitter DM or here?

@vrmchk okay cool, here is good! Is there a DM feature? Sorry, super new to this platform still.

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