I am looking for solutions to provide auto-generated live-caption by myself (on my scrensharing then) if tools for online calls and meetups don't provide those. But I'm not sure how.

Any idea of a/some tools I could use (free if possible) on mac (or web)? It should do a live transcript of what I am saying (+ possibly voice of another person in the call, I can route my mic + sound of the call by myself if needed to a virtual mic) and let me display that live transcript somewhere on my screen.

@kreyren hum thanks, but I'm not a developer, so I don't understand any of the links you sent. When I say tool I mean "something I install via a mac app" or "something that is already ready in the browser", I'm not a dev.

@stephaniewalter what's your usecase then? You want to have that in a stream or?


@kreyren I want to have a box, somewhere on my screen (the screen I share) that displays a live caption of what I (and maybe other people in the talk) say, in case the tool used for the talk/meetup does not offer closed caption (like meet or teams does)

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@kreyren I need to check if I can find some speech to text app / webapp that can do that.

@stephaniewalter optionally julius seems to be able to show these just by itself in the terminal youtu.be/A-oNmgJ7qcw?t=179

@stephaniewalter well try this github.com/maniflames/MicViz if it's able to detect your mic and shows the waveform then it can be linked to the speech engine of your preference from terminal

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