Hello people of the fediverse, how are you doing today?
Wanna share anything cool that made you happy lately? That you built or just that you liked? Let's bring some nice vibes here, it's too cold outside anyway 🥶❄️

@stephaniewalter Just had a very nice discussion with my students. :) This particular group is struggling with the work a lot, but they are getting there!

@werekat Aww that's nice, it's always super comforting to be able to help other people :)

@stephaniewalter I'm learning how to code so I can make a video game.

I think I might be enjoying the coding more than the thinking about the video game.


@sprkwd Haa, that's a nice bonus, what kind of programming language are you learning?

@stephaniewalter Currently: Ruby, but I'm also dabbling in C as they're so different.

@stephaniewalter I’ve been working on sort of a primitive web app to help manage retail inventory. It’s been a bit of a challenge to make sure it runs on the PocketPC-based barcode scanners we’re using, and I’m still having issues with slow page loading and Opera Mobile 10 handling text fields in a weird way.

So far the project has achieved a minimum level of functionality, with room for growth if I can get an outdated browser to play nice. I’m pretty happy with it so far.

@drewzero1 this is honnestly fascinating. We tend to think most of us design and code for super new chrome and edge browers, the challenges that come with those kind of different devices most be super interesting

@stephaniewalter Definitely! When the new tools come out, the old ones don't just cease to exist :)

The hardest part has been finding answers to questions that haven't been asked much in 10 years. It was a relatively unpopular platform even then, with most people having ditched their PDAs for smartphones already.

@stephaniewalter I made hash browns, which sounds small but makes me happy. Partially because I really love hash browns.

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