Before you lash out at speaker/conf organisers for the quality of audio, video, etc, I want to remind you that many of us (speaker & organizers) had to all of a sudden improvise the "online speaking" thing with suboptimal tools. So, please, be kind to each other :)

Like many other speakers, we spent time learning about sound, light and video editing, etc. Then there's technical issues, poor bandwidth (most of us can't do much about), etc. As nicely said "giving a remote talk doesn’t require less of my labor"

As a speaker, you used to come on stage, have some really nice people set you up with a mic, and, that's it. All the nice people around you were taking care of the sound, light, etc.
Remote talks == you have to learn and do this all by yourself (plus invest in equipment).

So, you can't expect the same production value from remote talks, even if a LOT of conferences do many many many efforts and are super helpful with all of this. Everyone is honestly doing the best they can.

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