Yeah, a friend is looking for online plateforms where you can sell "hours to pick my brain" (aka mentoring, advice and consultancy) for tech expert (design, dev), any idea? There were 150 of those 3 y ago but can't find any that doesn't look shady anymore :/

Extra points for multilingual ones (English and French) ^^
Also it's okay if the platform takes x%, the idea is to offload the booking to the platform instead of dealing with DMs and mails.

@stephaniewalter Arc ( used to be a match. Back when they were called Codementor, it was exact match: you either look for an expert, or you post your problem and experts can come and help you with it. Topics were from "how do i fix this bug" to "can you teach me the principles of authentication in web apps" for me.
I haven't used them for like 4-5 years and they since pivoted a little, now it's a lot of standard contract/project work.

Personally I use Toptal myself for this now.

@stephaniewalter In any case, for Toptal I can personally say that it's not shady, they are genuinely doing okay work by having decent devs and decent clients and they take over any payment risk (ie. client does not pay, you'll get paid). Arc/Codementor used to be good like that as well, I don't think it's gotten a lot worse since, but like I said, now they're both mostly contract-work.

But they DO both support hourly contracts so maybe that's something.

@zladuric ha yeah toptal is contract, the friend is really looking for some "1 to 1 mentoring / replying to questions" sessions

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