That's it, you've been a naughty naughty app, I'm revoking your notification privilege!
Now go to your homescreen-room, think about what you've done and don't come back until you learn how to properly notify me with useful content!

@stephaniewalter I always have a laugh at the notifications that my wife gets from her news app sending her "Breaking news".

I think I confused that for "This is important. You need to know news" because sometimes the notifications are that Donald Trump tweeted something.


Pretty sure thats not breaking news.

@matt why anyone would want to be notified by this guy is beyond me to be honnest.
But I keep amazon's notifications just to have content to rant about when I teach students what to NOT do with notifications, so I will not judge ^^

The one thing that REALLY grinds my gears is when an app is capable of sending useful and important notifications, but at the same time sends the "app existence reminder" kind of crap every now and then. And it only has one notification category that's called something like "notifications", so you can't disable the spammy ones while keeping the useful ones.

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