Gosh I think I prefer the Google Recaptcha that asks me for bikes and buses in the pictures

@stephaniewalter Gosh! My sister spend 3 hours yesterday trying to activate a skype account, and gave up because of this shit.

@Sapphaos @stephaniewalter Beside I'm almost sure bot are more efficsent than human to solve those.

@floreal @Sapphaos @stephaniewalter I think this is based on the idea that a simple machine analysis would be unable to distinguish spots on the side of the dice from those on the top. By the time you've developed a machine vision algorithm that's able to analyse the dice to determine their 3D orientation and then work out which spots are on the top, well you've probably got better things to do with that level of technical expertise.

@floreal @Sapphaos @stephaniewalter and then after you've gone to all the effort of writing that algorithm, the captcha creator takes new photos where one of the pair is a normal die but the other is now randomly selected from a D&D polyhedral set

@floreal @Sapphaos @stephaniewalter

Anyway it could always be worse

"Assuming that you're playing a Level 5 Human Circle of the Moon Druid with the following stats, select the roll that would hit an AC of 15 but not an AC of 17."

@TerrorBite @Sapphaos @stephaniewalter Well finding out over 6 image the total result of 14 on 4 dices is not humanly possible within 10 seconds especially if you are almost blind.

@TerrorBite @floreal @Sapphaos they have a little 'accessibility' option but I haven't checked it.
I think I am a bot because I started counting the faces that were in the front, took me 15seconds to remember how dices work IRL and to count the face on the top :/

@stephaniewalter @TerrorBite @floreal yeah I think most people would count the faces that are in the front

that was clearly not tested

@stephaniewalter i like this better myself, there are so many kinds of boats from different angles, this is easier

@stephaniewalter I HATE the ones where it asks me which set of blocks has the same shapes facing UP.

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