I love those "US centric" tools that ask for mandatory state and even district fields, it gets quite fun when you live in Luxembourg, city AND country

@stephaniewalter my favourite is when they give an address input, region input, city input, state input, and then the last input is country, and if you change it to not-united-states the state input goes away

why in that order

just give me a muliline textarea to write my address, please

@stephaniewalter Monaco et le Vatican. Strong correlation with being a tax haven.

@ffeth not sure luxembourg is a tax heaven when you work and leave there hahaa but yah, good point. It must be linked to the "small size" + big power. I need to check Lichtenstein if they have other cities or if it's just one big (the luxembourg has 22 cities if I remember correctly ^^)

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