"When design breaks semantics", the case of the link that needs to look like a button and how to build this and keep it accessible

@stephaniewalter would not <form method="GET" action="URL-for-linkbutton-destination"><button type="submit">button link text</button></form> work? Then it's a real button that opens a URL like a link does and doesn't seem to have any of the downsides the author worries about

What am I missing?

@darrenpmeyer That's super heavy for links that should just VISUALLY look like buttons

@stephaniewalter what do you mean by "heavy"?

The article talks a lot about not wanting just visual style, but also button behaviors (this role=button for screen readers and using JS to stop draggability). I guess what I'm trying to wrap my head around is: what's the downside to just using a button if you want the link to both look and work like a button?

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