Quick reminder that Maslow's hierarchy of needs is based on his mid-twentieth century U.S. middle class man values wrote about how it might not apply to asian, arabic, native american cultures also wrote this nice one

I'm not saying you should throw it away, but be careful when you (or an article) present this as "universal", because it is not. (be careful about any psychology theories presented as universal anyway)

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@stephaniewalter This reminds me of a #UX manifesto I recently came across calling for us to move beyond "human-centered design" and towards "society-centered design"

@clayton @stephaniewalter thank you both for the articles.
"In the Blackfoot belief, self-actualization is the foundation on which community actualization is built."
I've grown up with a pretty standard western mindset and have spent most of my life fixating on ideas of individuation. This Blackfoot precept is profound to me: that you must know yourself before you can attempt to understand that you are not just "yourself." Maybe we had to move through human design to reach society design.

@stephaniewalter Thanks @bhaugen for the retoot. Regarding Maslow, I had also stumbled across lately.

@yala @stephaniewalter @bhaugen

For those interested, I found a paper by Dr. Blackstock elaborating on the Blackfoot Breath of Life Theory

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