Should we be sad, angry or happy to see all of those companies who were totally against remote work 2 weeks ago now all sharing screenshots of zoom meetings like they have always been champions and biggest advocate of remote work? Well, let's hope they keep this mindset AFTER 🙂

Like "loook how our full team is remote it's amazing yeaaahy". I'm like "Dude, you litteraly refused to hire a friend of mine because she wouldn't relocate in your super expensive city and told her remote is not in the company DNA and would never be".
Never say never 😁

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Can't help to wonder how remote is actually going for employees there. Some people told me that they get a lot of emails to remind them they should be productive even in remote, some tell me the amount of tracking and reporting is worse now because they want you to prove you work

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I fear that behind the glossy "look our happy faces on zoom" social media post, working conditions might actually be super stressful for a lot of people. There's a difference between a culture of remote work vs "you all work remotely in 2 days" and people need time to adapt

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Remember: this situation is strange and new, it's okay to be NOT super productive in remote for the moment, you might have kids and other people disturbing your work and it should be fine. You should not be overly stressed out about keeping the level of productivity. Take care 🤗

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