"The Loss Of Micro-Privacy" How small design changes rewrote the rules of messaging and how we feel about one another. Really interesting and yet still scary. Don't we all hate those "message was read" when the person does not reply?

I also think we could add the "sent from" indicator from Twitter in the list. It can tell a lot. For instance, I schedule posts from hootsuite so if you see hootsuite under my tweet you could asume it was scheduled while if you see "from Twitter android" it means I'm around

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@stephaniewalter Whatsapp's "last seen online" thing.
My mother keeps telling me when she saw people I barely know online at night. How is that any of my business? How is that any of HER business! AUGH! :blobugh:

@stephaniewalter This is extremely fascinating stuff, thank you for sharing!

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