I want an upgrade of my vacuum cleaner robot app that would let me pet and reward it. Something like "good job you didn't eat any socks today goood robot".
Is that strange?

@stephaniewalter I keep thinking that the first company to put a screen to display emotive eyes and add some robopet kind of interaction to vacuum robots will be making bank with that...

@stephaniewalter *quick search on Tumblr*
"There’s something really cute about my mom trying to encourage our roomba who we named Rosie when she’s struggling to get to her station."
"What is it about roombas that triggers my “oh that’s just a sweet baby boy” instinct? "
"I want a roomba solely so I can treat it like a pet"
I don't think it's strange, but if it is, you're at least not alone. :)

@Anke haaa there's a bunch of people like me, whoooo.
Also they do stickers for roombas so I think some of those might have eyes

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