So, I finished "Orbiting the Giant Hairball: A Corporate Fool's Guide to Surviving with Grace". It was all fun to read but... It felt like Mad Men, the guy is a creative man in an old school company some years ago (Hallmark), all the superiors he mentions are men.

The only women mentioned are ladies he helped, the lady from purchasing who didn't want him to buy 13 milk cans to be used as bins. And Dona, the architect for his studio when he got promoted to run his own department. He did a lot of bold and interesting things, really.

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But I can't help to think that if a women did the things he did and had the same behavior he had she would have been ignored at best, fired at worse. There's Interesting things in the book about Orbiting around the whole corporate vortex without getting sucked in.

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Bottom line: I wonder if there an equivalent, a (fun?) book on how to survive in the corporate world that is not Lean In and is written from a woman's perspective?

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