Oui alors du coup bon ben j'ai ajouté un clavier hein. 🙃@stephaniewalter


Pour jouer les premières notes de La lettre à Élise c'est :

@stephaniewalter looks great... but, a trombone?? really that sound is a trombone?? 🤔

I want a CLI version, so you can resize tmux windows via scripting xD

@stephaniewalter I remember there being one with multiple pop-ups and they worked as the boundaries for a physics simulation of a ball

The size of the trombone is completely unrealistic ! Imagine the size your arm you be to play lower notes !

@fracolo @stephaniewalter simple. you just have to lengthen your arm by resizing the window.

- l'autre qui m'dit : et ça te fait rire ???
- moi qui lui fait : ben oui 😂 😂 :sunsun:

@stephaniewalter And how am I supposed to play B, Bb C and C#? Or am I not going to play „Fly Me To The Moon“ on my Browser?

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