Ever wondered "WTF is going on" in those related content image grids at the bottom of the articles your read", here some interesting analysis of the dark underbelly of ad-tech: Taboola, Outbrain and the Chum Supply Chain

@stephaniewalter Taboola and Outbrain are my nemesis. I dislike them most.

@stephaniewalter this is a good article.

Reply All did an episode on this too where they investigated chum lists, talked to a few article writers and even the CEO of Taboola.

Apparently it can turn into an extremely long chain of ads serving ads serving ads for different websites. The fact that that's still profitable boggles me.

@stephaniewalter Thankfully, given adblock, rarely.

But I seriously wonder how much brand erosion that generates for hosting sites. Because why the fuck would you do that to yourself?

@dredmorbius money? If they keep doing it it might mean it works some how

@stephaniewalter That money betrays extreme desperation and/or contempt.

Scratch 'or'. Solid AND.

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