@natalyathree@twitter.com "We don't aquire knowledge line by line, we arrange it into patterns, mental models. Also prior knowledge is key and it can interfere with the information you are trying to learn"

"How many people don't learn CSS because it's not a programming language and it's not a hirable skill" @natalyathree@twitter.com
(crap, this is sadly true and one of the reason I slowly transitioned towards design instead of code)

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"The people flexible enough, who switch skills, who can switch mental models, who can do different things are called unicorns. But those should be horses, those should not be rare" @natalyathree@twitter.com

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Stop relying on people's "soft skills" for communication between your teams. Build a system. Because those people with "soft skills" will eventually burn out if they don't have a system to help.

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"Can we stop calling people unicorns when they can do two things?" @natalyathree@twitter.com

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"Whatever you do, no amount of CSS, JS or other languages you learn will be enough for those gate keepers. So, forget about Twitter rants, forget about them, focus on building the tools you wish you had, on the people, on the communities" @natalyathree@twitter.com's final message 💜

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