"Be humble it's a privilege to talk to a conference so pay for your own travel and hotel and check your ego at the door". Wow. The level of bullshit here is amazing.

This reminds me of some people who went from "we will sponsor your event, you will have the venue and organize a workshop for your community" to "please create a specific workshop for our community first and we will then let you the venue in 4 months"

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I asked "How do you do this, do you pay workshop speakers" they explained to me that no, and usually companies like IBM pay to give a workshop. I told them we are not IBM and have nothing to sell to their community and creating a workshop just for them is a lot of work.

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They told us we will have "visibility in return". Noooope. This is the one thing you should never tell me ^^
So we declined. Because going from "we will sponsor your event" to "work for free for us first and you can have the room" isn't a sponsor at all. Never work for free.

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Hum, this person deleted the post. I'm wondering if I should delete the screenshots as well then, to to respect sort of a "right to be forgotten" or something?

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More information apparently about what happened here, sad thing is that it's again a woman who gets into trouble 😶

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An update from "Based on your feedback, it is apparent that we have an out-dated travel policy. We want to improve it. Our goal with the new travel policy is to hear from fresh voices and alleviate the stress of speaker conference costs."

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@stephaniewalter Yeah, sounds like the sort of bullshit where people expect you to pay an exhorbitant registration fee to the conference (in addition to airfare and accomodations)... so you can do work for the conference (giving a talk)

In any other context, we would call that a scam.

@stephaniewalter Did this person express any form of regret or apology for his or her inappropriate comments or did he or she only deleted the post to avoid being criticized? Depending on the answer, my recommendation would not be the same.

@stephaniewalter This is EXACTLY why I have a conference and travel policy.

Amazing how many cons go away when I point them here...

@mwlucas @stephaniewalter Everyone I follow online that talks regularly has this issue. Sigh.

@c0debabe @stephaniewalter

I could speak at a conference every weekend if I felt like it.

Hey, I should add that to my travel policy!

@mwlucas @stephaniewalter That dual meaning of the word "cons"...


Nothing against doing events on the cheap, but that's some serious level ego that organiser has...

@stephaniewalter @mwlucas What a load of shit. “Don’t change your talk... but be ready for us to ask you to.”

@stephaniewalter Yeah, I wonder how long it'll be before this conference is nothing but shills and cranks. Because this is exactly how you get shills and cranks.

@stephaniewalter is not the point of conference attendee fees to cover the costs of speakers, etc?

@philvuchetich @stephaniewalter No. The point of conference attendee fees is to turn a profit for the conference organizers.

@bamfic @stephaniewalter ah, those conference attendee fees. The ones that tell me I am a "thought leader", and that the conference is full of other "thought leaders" in a vaguely defined field. Yeah, those are the ones I skip. The last one promised that an unspecified lineup of VCs would be there looking to invest in companies "like mine". Hmmmm.

@stephaniewalter bah ui, ainsi t'as que des privilégié.es qui peuvent être, quel plan parfait pour conserver l'entre-soi !

c'est quand même pas terrible de la part de l'organisation d'un événement UX de ne pas avoir pensé en amont aux besoins des speakers et comment leurs donner envie de participer à cet événement 😅

Parce que perso, j'achète un ticket d'un événements pour sa programmation, donc ce sont bien les speakers qui font la réussite d'un événement :blobaww:

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