I see many amazing women in our industry, super good at HTML, CSS and Accessibility. Yet they don't find a nice and well paid job because they don't know fancy JS frameworks. JS became a big gate keeper. Yet we NEED people good at HTML/CSS. We just don't want to pay them.

Don't get me wrong, they know the basics of JS language and can write some for UI interactions. But everyone is looking for FULLSTACK JS ANGULAR REACT NODE JS NINJA GURUS, developer style, with little interest in the quality of the HTML/CSS produced.

To be fair. I was one of them. But 5 y ago, I chose to specialise in design instead of HTML/CSS. Some of them do the same but no everyone wants to become a designer.
Some are forced to learn JS frameworks (or PHP, WordPress, Python,…) to find a job. Many just leave the industry

Clarification: I said I "SEE amazing women" struggle, this is based on what I SEE w my friends. Some people seem to want to interpret this as "only women struggle" but I never said that.
But if you really want to go towards the gender discussion, read this

I was absolutely an HTML person. But when they started asking for SQL, I became a writer instead.

@DialMforMara I hate the fact that you are now "yet another one" in my list of people who changed career because of different gatekeepers

@stephaniewalter this started well before I had a career. In high school, I enjoyed HTML and CSS but had a teacher who told me I wasn't creative enough to be a programmer.

This teacher delighted in throwing us into the deep end with new languages, and decided that I was weak for wanting actual instruction in how to use them and suggestions for what to make with them.

In college, I had two good coding classes specifically aimed at linguists, and that gave me false hope.

@stephaniewalter the two coding classes I took *after* the two good ones had horrible teachers and unfriendly class environments.

On the one hand, I did enjoy programming, and am sad and frustrated to have been shut out of it by the culture. On the other hand, I've since learned that I can find work writing, which is something I've wanted to do for much longer than I've known coding was a job.

@DialMforMara that's super sad to read, and it's even more sad that I read a lot of stories like that, like, you are not alone but that doesn't make it right.
Are you programing skills an asset in the translation world though? I used to do technical translation with trados and tools like that and we had to translate strings of code, it helped a little bit knowing the code ^^

@stephaniewalter translation? I'm just doing technical writing in English, and what I get from my programming training is the ability to know when to say "can you explain this in more detail so I can tell whether the wording is correct"

@DialMforMara haa sorry my mistake I thought you were also doing technical translations. I think I'm biased by a friend who asked me this morning about a technical translator haaa sorry

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