I had 790 follower on the previous account, 120 on this one, were 7/8 of my follower fake, bots, inactive, not interested in following on the new account or did they just get lost. We'll never know ^^
Sooo hello to all of you who followed and new people :)

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Bref, le ton des messages d'erreur c'est important pour pas que votre utilisatrice se sente stupide ou agressée.
En plus, je pense que c'est à cause de la taille de l'image ici. Parce que bon c'est à moi de redimensioner l'image le site peut pas le faire...

Pourquoi n'avez-vous pas chargé votre fichier ? HEIN ?? HEIIN HEINN ??
Bah, euh, je sais pas en fait, j'ai mis le fichier et cliqué sur "envoyer", je sais pas moi, meeeeh.

Hehe @geoffreycrofte@twitter.com offered me some scratch cards, perfect anti stress toy. Also, a "fuck you I do what I want pin" ^^ instagram.com/p/Bt-30Cxh1L6/

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I'm wondering what are the benefits of publishing (make it available to the everybody) a Design System for a brand?

I'm guessing some of the benefits, but do you have readings on the topic?
Thanks :)

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Have you ever wondered what goes on in those school shooter trainings your child’s teacher is required to undergo?

…as it turns out, I took extensive ethnographic field notes of the one I did.

Want to know some of what's in them?

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I pay a lot of attention to that. For instance in one Netflix serie, it's 8pm, mother calls children to give them orange juice.
1. The way it the box is displayed is the same as packaging shots.
2. Anyone with kids knows better than to give them orange juice at 8pm

I watched Wreck it Ralph 2. Spent the whole movie trying to spot the adds and wondering how much tech companies paid. Pretty sure eBay paid a lot since it's in the center of the movie. Buzzfeed must have refused since they have Buzztube. Or was it YouTube? I want to know!!!

About websites, the loading speed issue is again an issue that native apps can have. Regarding maintenance, it's an interesting point, both native apps and sites have maintenance issues.
I'm not saying you should build one or the other, just that some arguments can be biased

5. Offline accessibility, that one I agree on, even though mobile browsers can also do that, it's not as good as native apps for the moment.

4. More time spent in mobile apps: this is a highly biased, a lot of time spent in apps is actually time spent in webviews, browsing web content. See for facebook for example: twitter.com/lukew/status/83536

3. Specialised features for device: well, the web is catching up, mobile browsers are more capable, see my slides on the topic of mobile browser capabilities: stephaniewalter.design/blog/su

2. Mobile app provide better experience: again it really depends on the app, is forcing a user to download an app for every e-commerce they use a "better experience", I'm not sure. Also, a lot of user have privacy concerns when it comes to app, and storage on the device issues.

App vs. Website: What Is the Best Mobile Option for eCommerce Businesses? Interesting but I tend to disagree with some arguments noupe.com/development/app-vs-w
1. Mobile app faster than website: it really depends on the site, also content can take forever to load in an app as well

At Next JS Meetup in Luxembourg, March 13, I will take a look at a few projects I worked on to show you how to use various design and UX techniques to improve web performance also at the level of user perception.


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