The problem with Zoom is that a lot of companies, online meetups, online bookclubs and webinars are using it. So it's either use the tool and fear for your privacy or don't use it but miss those things (you might have payed for also). I hope there will be a 3rd option

Dear dudes, that just because you are confined at home doesn't mean it's now okay to come annoy people in DMs. Find a hobby and leave women alone we have better things to do than to reply to your useless "hi how are you" and other lame annoying pathetic DMs. Xoxo

Masculinités et milieux de l'informatique : comment, alors que l’informatique était un secteur mixte jusque dans les années 80, est-elle devenu un "truc de mecs" ?
Un chouette épisode avec un rappel sur l'histoire de l'informatique

"Alternatives to In-Person UX Workshops for Remote Working" by don't try to replicate in person workshops, group video calls sucks but 101s are fine so involve stakeholders with 101 sessions and interviews, etc.

Where's the "sticking a fake paper fish in the back of my colleague" zoom/jitsi/hangout/skype button?

Anyone interested in an article about local design tools for prototyping, user testing, dev inspect for mockups and collaboration, etc? Or you are all lucky enough to be authorized to use Figma in the cloud and I'm the only one stuck with local/selfhosted solutions? 😁

A color contrast checker that offers alternatives if your color combination has not enough contrast. It would be cool to chose if you want to change background or foreground though but it's still very nice to get suggestions

"Laisse moi zoom zoom zoom
Dans mon confin’ment
Friend, quand tu me montres ta webcam
Ça me rends dingue dingue dingue"

User Experiences that Matter by is now free, want to learn what UX Design is and isn't, how to create user experiences and how to design for people, go check it out (there's also an audio book!!)

So you did your user research and built your customer journey map based on this. What do you do with this map now? 7 Ways to Analyze a Customer-Journey Map by

Yeah twitter folks, is looking for kids books authors so that kids also have something nice to listen to. Know anyone who could be interested?

I love those virtual book clubs it's perfect for me I feel like I can stalk people talking about book I like without leaving the couch, perfect for socially awkward introverts 😁


We are live with!


I had my portrait with AI Gahaku!
I think AI still have issues with my hair and glasses haha on the first picture I was detected as a pet... Or maybe I am a cat, who knows?
Love the Bowie vibe!

I wonder if it's worth to program tweets for 1st of April since I fear most people will think anything published tomorrow is a prank haha

So,, and are organizing a online Women of React conference on April 25, it's free you can enjoy it from your couch!!!

Le sujet de la thèse d'une amie est de designer un environnement d'apprentissage interactif pour les étudiants dyslexiques.
Si vous êtes une personne dyslexique, auriez vous 5 minutes pour répondre à plusieurs questions sur votre vécu? Merci 😊

Everyone loves a good checklist because they are esay to digest and help us not forget about things. The people at built a Smart Interface Design Patterns Checklists PDF!!

A friend of mine if doing here thesis on designing an interactive learning environment for dyslexic students in higher education.
If you are living with dyslexia could you take 5 minutes to answer a few questions to help her?

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