I was going through some bookmarks and found an old but nice online course on user psychology: "THE HIPPER ELEMENT — UX Crash Course: User Psychology" thehipperelement.com/post/8757

Current tools, this little @WomenTechmakers@twitter.com pencil case is quite nice and useful 😚

I unrolled in a 6 weeks online class on psychology and the geek who loves to learn stuff inside me is super happy 🤗 I take notes and everything like I used to at school 😁
I even used to color code the notes I took on paper when I was a student because color helped me remember.

The Burnout List - I can sadly relate to a lot of elements in this list. I kind of hope it will get better and I will chill more this year. frankchimero.com/blog/2020/bur

"Does being Agile mean you're user-centred?" This article sums up nicely most frustrations I have with agile environments as a designer. userzoom.com/blog/does-being-a

Just in case you were wondering Lady Gaga's "Born this way" is the perfect sound track to clean up the slides after an interface inventory workshopwith your team.
Now excuse me I will group buttons while dancing on my chair 😚

New toy: nail polish that changes color based on temperature hehe

Crap Twitter is adding reactions in DMs.
If this comes to timeline we will enter a whole new area or hell

Chaotic neutral with pen and in life. Perfect

RT @HPLehkonen@twitter.com

Tag yourself. I'm True Neutral (I would have wanted to make myself chaotic evil or something edgy, but I'm very basic.)

🐦🔗: twitter.com/HPLehkonen/status/

"The Risks of Imitating Designs (Even from Successful Companies)" your are not Apple, Amazon or Google and even them make design mistakes so stop blindly copying what you see there nngroup.com/articles/risks-imi

"Le marché de l’UX design en France en 2020" une excellente analyse de @iergo@twitter.com blocnotes.iergo.fr/articles/ma

Just signed up to get notified when @shiftnudge@twitter.com launches. New interface design course from @mds@twitter.com. 🎉 shiftnudge.com

📝Looking for the perfect design method for your current problem? I update my list of places to help you find UX tools, methods and activities


I sometimes have to push hard with developers to implement the subtle animations I asked for because "Animations are useless" according to them. Here is an excellent @NNgroup@twitter.com article that explains the Role of Animation and Motion in UX nngroup.com/articles/animation

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