I'm honestly having fun trying things out and watching youtube streamer video advice so it's fine, but it's super frustrating that most tools are more windows than mac tools (well, not a lot of gamers on mac so I can imagine why).

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Next step: find a way to have a virtual camera with some branding and fun effects (Logo, a cool frame) I can use for any online conf and webinars. Again: yes, OBS can do it with github.com/johnboiles/obs-mac- but we tested it around on Gmeet and it was freezing and lagging as hell.

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And yes, OBS has a noise cancelling filter which I will be using for only class and recordings of videos for the students next year with a better quality than this year, but I was looking for a solution for the live sessions.

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I'm joking around, I really hate that my macbook is so noisy but honestly once your grasped the basics those 2 software are super easy to use, I am genuinely impressed by the UI and interactions here.
I also feel like there's more win tools than mac here :/

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How to "live" remove the noise from your macbook fans the yeti mic is catching?
- create a "noise gate" with Audio Hijack
- create a virtual microphone with Loopback
- assign this as output device in AH
- create more fan noise because now 2 more software are running :D

News on the glasses front: they could not be fixed or glued together so I asked if they could put the glasses in another one for a few weeks. I got lucky, those fitted without needing to even cut them. I don't like the pattern, but, it will do, 30€ and I'm good to go, yeahy.

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Haha @myriamjessier@twitter.com gave me the idea to take some silly stockphoto-ish pictures of those because it would make a perfect @unsplash@twitter.com collection of "mood" pictures haha so here we are (obvs the tape didn't work and I'm waiting for the glue to actually set) twitter.com/WalterStephanie/st

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"How to Switch Logo in Dark Mode" by the amazing Gift Egwuenu (@lauragift_@twitter.com)
Also her website is gorgeous and yet another proof that you can have a beautiful site with pastel colors that still has a sufficient color contrast ratio to be accessible


Also, my macbook fans suffer because of all of the background tasks that add themselves automatically (Adobe, Microsoft, Google, Spotify, looking at you), and I'm tired of removing the launch agents added by those just to not have my machine overheat every two days :(

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Mac users: is there a way to stop Spotify from automagically adding itself to the Application Login Item? I disable it, then when I close Spotify and re-open it, it added itself in the background AGAIN, without my consent or me doing anything expect launching it.

A 9 chapters online guide to give you some basic advice and first steps to start UX design. No magic formula, just some selected reading and watching lists to help you grow on your own. Kudo to @uxdesigncc@twitter.com and enjoy :)


10 Modern CSS layout you can build with minimum code effort by Una Kravets (@una@twitter.com)


Whoot Dan Brown's (@brownorama@twitter.com) Information Architecture Lenses cards arrived, thanks a lot, this will be put to good use!
Also there was an extra "surviving design projects" game, looking forward to test this when we can go back to the office! medium.com/eightshapes-llc/inf

3 Persona Types: Lightweight, Qualitative, and Statistical, depending on your needs and research, you might build one (of several) of those. Find the persona "type" that matches your project needs and constraints.


Click all the buttons, if you dare, a fun experimental portfolio bringing us back to the strange whimsical areas of web and computer UIs


I'm sorry, I mean, I had to...

(Yup the other foam is also too big because I bought them together, if you are going to mess up, mess up big time)

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So, I got a yeti nano for better podcasts, class and webinar sound. I also ordered foams. But of course I ordered the regular not the nano size. I will keep them thought because look at how ridiculously cute this makes my mic look, it's a cyclop with some (fake) fur hat 🤣

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Anyone tried to "write" an article by using speech to text softwares? I have a whole series of articles that are storytelling-ish and I am too lazy (and tired) to write so I thought this could be an option, talk to the tool and have it write for me, then proof read. Feedback?

"Even though UX people and artsy designers wanna make this out to be rocket science, it's practically as easy as making bread dough. Just don't obfuscate the call to action stuff, and you're golden." haa the level of this comment is amazing, the reply from Stephen is even better

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