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🔥 I updated the transcript of my talk "Enhancing User Experience With CSS Animations" with 2 new sections:
- SVG + CSS animations / transitions = ❤
- Communicating & documenting motion with devs
Plus a few extra nice demo. Enjoy!

Colorism in High Fashion: a look at 19 years of Vogue covers to find out how they represent women of all shades

In case you missed it, I just wanted to remind you that gave this amazing talk with demos about "Ten modern layouts in one line of CSS". I also like how she called the "header + main + footer" the "Pancake Stack", accurate and yummy!

Some SVG template to print, fold and glue cardboard boxes, envelops and other little objects like stars and polygons. This can be useful for your DIY Xmas gifts

I love all your fleets, it's a free wild world of food, cute animals and fun things without adds. I hope we can keep it that way

This is not gonna help build a more diverse community. This is dragging us all down.
So please, let's try to do better as a community, provide sources for inspiration and when possible, credit ALL the people where credit is due. 5/

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You are all like "please recommend me awesome women in tech I should follow on twitter" (which also raises different issues I won't develop here) But what good does this do, if all do is follow them and rip of their ideas, their content to post it as your own. 4/

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I saw this happen not to one, but to TWO women I deeply admire in tech yesterday. (hence the rant, and no, I won't publicly shame those guys it's not worth it)

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It shows you are able to document yourself and find reliable sources, aka that your work is built upon other people's quality work.
I see this happen to a lot to under-represented groups of people in tech (non-binary, women, BIPOC, queer, disabled people, the list is long). 2/

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If you use someone's book/article/work to create your own content, why don't you credit them as inspiration or reference their work as resource? I promise this will not cancel all the hard work you put into your own article/demo/tutorial, it actually does the opposite 1/

" Why it's good for users that HTML, CSS and JS are separate languages " a really elegant explanation by Hidde de Vries around user needs and accessibility. And a good reminder that something things are like they are for a reason

I feel like I have the same relationship with Sketch that I had with Photoshop 5y ago and don't like it. I get frustrated because it lags and crashes, I am affraid to update because it might break my plugins. I still like the tool, just, meh.
Is it getting better on Big Sur?

I followed's advice and ordered "Hellebore #3 - The Malefice Issue", I will enjoy this tomorrow with some nice tea ❤️
I love beautiful typography, amazing illustrations on top of great content

Ooh, my company Maltem is taking really good care of me, look at what arrived today 🙏❤️

I will try to open one per day but I can't promise I will not cheat 😊

I wanted to remind you that Morgane Peng wrote this great article (and talk): "How to Deal with People Who Don’t “Get” Design — Design and Strategy"

📚 I get asked a lot for book recommendations to become a designer so I put them all in one place (and update it when I get time): Selected Books on Design, User eXperience, Mobile, Accessibility & more

Discover the amazing work of Aistė Stancikaitė who loves using single colors. I'm just impressed by the levels of details here!

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