The Abstract on Netflix episode on Ruth Carter is amazing, I especially loved the part about the work on Black Panther.

I love it when I do an awesome work and people don't even to credit me and my friends as the author... Seriously people how hard can it be?

it reminds me that I have the whole season 14 of Supernatural to watch, is it a good season?

Ok kittens, I got 2 week stuck in bed, what Netflix (and non Netflix) series do you recommend?'s design system is officially public, you can take a look here
Big congratulations to all the design team, I think that this is the first public design system in Luxembourg!

In case you missed it: "Investing in User Centric Design is a Good Business Decision", my slides for the opening keynote of the LOIC’s Innovation dating event are available here:

at is pretending us how they user Lego Serious Play to design a chatbot 😍

Haaa new speaker tip: if you need to give your talk on somebody else's MacBook check the size of your notes. Mine where super long and I couldn't read the end of them 😭😭

📢Tonight I’m honoured to be the opening keynote speaker of the LOIC’s Innovation dating event dedicated to UX/UI in Luxembourg
The slides "Investing in User Centric Design is a Good Business Decision" are available here:

If you know I have a demo in my talk that might trigger anxiety for people with fear of drowning, would you like to be warned at the beginning of the talk and before the demo or just before the demo?

Sorry if I never replied to you my mastodon got stuck for 4 days I was able to post but not to see reactions or read the timeline. It's back I hope

why, why whyyy did I decide to draw illustrations for some slides it takes foreveeeer.

I'm wondering if there's a English equivalent of this
If not, we need one. (A site that tells you "you are here" with a little dot)

I'm looking for a way to insert all my symboles in a page (to document buttons, forms, etc).
I found but it doesn't work with Sketch's latest version.
What are you using folks?

Enhancing The Clickable Area Size, yes please make that button clickable area bigger, a great HTML and CSS article!

"How we handle's design system with Figma" I love this kind of detailed articles about how to organize your design assets to collaborate. We need moooar!! How do you work collaboratively on your design system?

"the bus radio is playing the same song as my Spotify" is my morning "double rainbow what does this meaaaaaans"

4 ads for 4min worth of content that just lists PWAs ressources... This is a crappy experience I don't even want to share we you the article. People get greedy or maybe I'm stupid to keep my blog adfree I don't know 🤔

This sucks.
For event we use Eventbrite, it doesn't have the community features but it's free for free events if it helps


WOW is now charging attendees a mandatory $2 to attend events. If you want it to be free, you have to cover the $2 for every person that comes to your event.

As someone who ran meetups for > 4 years, this sucks.


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