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The account is now "bot" account, I'll broadcast content from my blog in read only mode (there's no actual real only here so it will just be automated and me not checking the replies). For social interactions, the list is above. Take care :)

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So, I gave this network a long try. And, I came to the conclusion that I don't have time an energy to maintain a "pro" presence here as well.
I will not share curated links here anymore for now, if you are looking for content about design:
- my twitter
- my linkedin
- the blog where I put every week all links I shared:

Yeah, November 11 is World Usability Day. I'm participating this year and hosting an online participatory webinar on "Testing the “Abusability” of your products & services". Will you come?

Registration via Linkedin

👉🏻 Your curated weekly Design and Front-End resources:
- UX theatre
- user research
- accessibility game
- image placeholder
- asking for push notification access
- CSS expandable grids
- nice UI shadows
- CSS Squid Games
- CSS gradients, etc.

👉🏻 Your curated weekly Design & Front-End resources:
- semantic buttons & links
- CSS new cool stuff
- a map of UX Research
- memory
- accessibility
- color palette
- product management
- behavioral science
- CSS units
- password unmasking, etc.

👉🏻 Your curated weekly Design & Front-End resources:
- CSS conditional border radius
- ethical canvas
- 2B2 inspiration app
- HTML attributes you may no now
- User Research & Agile
- microcopy inspiration
- documentation tools
- accessibility, etc.

👉🏻 Your curated weekly Design and Front-End resources:
- design for break in complex enterprise apps
- free UX Research templates
- overlay overload
- information architecture
- UX writing
- accessibility
- CSS container queries units
- CSS scroll, etc

👉🏻 Your curated weekly Design and Front-End resources:
- agile and design
- synthesis UX research
- accordion design
- better thinking tools
- form accessibility
- colorblind accessibility manifesto
- font size
- SVG patterns
- reviewing bootcamp curriculums
- CSS gaps, CSS shadows
- micro copy inspiration
- design systems
- better allies newsletter and illustrator inspiration, etc.

👉🏻 Your curated weekly Design and Front-End resources:
- data tables
- tool agnosticism
- custom media queries
- problem solving mindset
- avoiding accessibility mistakes
- CSS keyframes
- information architecture podcast
- interview tips, etc.

📝 Yeah People, I put together a list of some essential resources to help you design tables, especially if like me, you work on enterprise web apps with a lot of data. There's advice on research, best practices, UI patterns, etc.

👉🏻 Your curated weekly resources:
- become better allies in the workplace
- dataviz
- research questions
- the myth of minimizing clicks
- table accessibility
- research with people with disabilities
- design systems
- why links are blue, etc.

👉🏻 Your curated weekly Design & Front-End resources:
- reviewing designs for accessibility
- designing complex tables
- focus indicator
- Google UX certification
- usability testing
- SVG rating system
- Offboarding from Adobe products
- CSS accent color

👉🏻 Your curated weekly Design and Front-End resources:
- into design system conference
- accessibility (alt text, 101 tips & tricks, new Twitter font, A AA and AAA contrast ratio)
- HTML description lists
- service design
- procedural fish drawing
- 2 talks on personas
- website inspiration
- Figma plugins
- dark mode
- SVG blob generator
- improve participants recall, etc.

👉🏻 Your curated weekly Design and Front-End resources:
- the truth about "UX killing creativity, that Ikigai graph, design manager roles and the imposter syndrome
- CSS tutorials (native nesting, transform, beginner tips, button alignments, box model)
- SVG tutorial
- icons tutorial
- the first rule of ARIA
- accessibility of PokemonGo
- getting UX Research buy-in
- UX principles for cognitive accessibility
- free icons, inclusive design principles, etc.

Need help finding the right UX method to help you solve your problem? I updated my list of places to find information about UX methods & added Michele Ronsen's awesome UX Lex!

👉🏻 Your weekly Design & Front-End resources:
- UI tips click-baits
- mental models
- CSS gradient transitions
- debunk the "faster horses" Ford quote
- accessibility
- open source alternatives
- free icons
- volunteer design work
- job interview questions

✨ Et voilà, il est enfin publié sur mon blog : un aperçu de mon processus de conception pour des systèmes de composants flexibles réutilisables qui s'adaptent à différents besoins utilisateur.
N'hésitez pas si vous avez des questions !

👉🏻 Your curated weekly Design and Front-End resources:
- gridless design
- design systems
- a free illustration tool
- filters usability
- segment control UI
- everyday accessibility
- accessibility checker
- beautiful typefaces, etc.

La vidéo de ma conférence "Bien concevoir ses composants, les bases d'un design system évolutif" au Sommet du Design System 2021 est en ligne (avec toutes les autres videos d'ailleurs).
L'article transcript arrivera bientôt

👉🏻 Your curated weekly Design & Front-End resources:
- measuring usefulness
- typography
- accessibility
- Figma interactive components
- e-commerce homepage UX
- toxic positivity
- CSS theme color
- dynamic viewports
- CSS for web vitals, etc.

👉🏻 Your curated weekly Design & Front-End resources:
- problem solving
- game dark patterns
- accessibility (a guide, contrast, motion, screen reader survey)
- task flows
- Figma productivity tips
- CSS grid layout cheat sheet
- cool SVG and Gsap demos

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