WoW 😱 "Former Away employees describe a toxic work environment at the luggage company", the conclusion "Never work for your dream brand, It’ll kill you.” is super scary. This is a hell of a shitty environment

I may or may not be responsible for those post-its just in front of my colleague's nose all day long on that frozen window 😇

I want an upgrade of my vacuum cleaner robot app that would let me pet and reward it. Something like "good job you didn't eat any socks today goood robot".
Is that strange?

Ok this smells like a big crossover Batwoman, Supergirl (but I stoped watching Flash and Arrow so I hope it will be worth it)

2019 Design tool survey, some interesting figures about the design industry

"Core Needs: BICEPS" There are six core needs researchers find are most important for humans at work. Understanding those can help better communicate within the team and understand your team mate's reactions.

I feel called out here. 😂😂


My brain: "Whatcha doin?"
Me: "Working"
My brain: "Working on what?"
Me: "This spec, it's on a deadline"
My brain: ...
Me: ...


UX101: Complete Guide to In-Person User Research, a great introduction on the what why and how of user interviews and usability testing.

It's so cool and rewarding to see people facilitate Workshops based on artefact and I created, this makes my days 🤗🤗
If you ever use our 52 cognitive bias cards let us know, send pictures, I can even feature them on the article :)

Ok, accessiblity pitchfork down (see 2 last posts) now maybe we can start stop tearing each other appart and start building accessible stuff? As a designer who is usually (one of) the only person in the room caring about accessiblity, it's exhausting, really 😒

Runway Palette by Cyril Diagne, a cool experiment to discover color palettes based on fashion show. Fun to see that it finds matches for the ugly bus seats fabric 😁

"DevTools as the ultimate CSS advocate" yeees!! Remember the feeling when you messed up the CSS or the site for the first time in those dev tools? This is how my love story with CSS began (it was firebug at that time though, but all the same)

Cannibalism Saint Nicolas' season is on. Bring all the Manalas!! (Or meneles for you heretics but I still love you all anyway)

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