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I'm a product designer from Brisbane, AU, looking for my next role globally.

I started in print, but found my love for digital product upon joining Josephmark in 2012, where I stayed until Feb '18.

I'm contracting with Ustwo until Xmas for the Australian Broadcasting Corp.

Beyond that I'm willing to move anywhere for the right role. I'd most love to join a global scale product company with a strong design culture. Know anyone?

WIP folio:

Any advice?

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I'm Mark, currently a Product Designer/Technologist at

I've been in tech 30+ years, I've gone from Wires to Wireframes, and still looking to learn more.

I'm in Brisvegas (Brisbane) in ☀️ Queensland, and a 🥋 in

Thanks @rafa for the invite 👍

I had to update my résumé yesterday, for reasons, and it was very interesting how I suck at some kind of "print" design. Weird that I know that 99.9% of people will see it on a digital medium, yet we have to design a page with all of the old considerations and constraints.

Anyway, tried really hard to make it as simple as I could.ésumé.pdf

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🙋🏻‍♀️ Hi!

I'm Christina.

👩🏻‍💻 Graphic designer
🇹🇼 Grew up in Taiwan
🗽 Working in NYC

✨Looking forward to get inspired here

Also into


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Hey there, I'm Henrique but you can call me Quitto.

I Like Design (of course), gaming, music and nerd stuff. Also really bad puns.

Apple Event 

Apple Event 

Apple Event 

*cracks knuckles*

You should probably mute me for a couple hours if you do not want to read toots about Apple stuff.

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Hey folks, I'm Sam. I'm a product designer in Oakland, CA. Super excited to be part of this community!

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Hi everyone! Do you think it is worth learning the prototype-specific language (I’m looking at React) instead of actual Swift? My logic is - knowing Swift I would be able to rapidly make actual working prototype in XCode rather than the dummy in, say, Framer. Maybe I’m missing something?
Especially interested to hear the position of @rafa and @kevin (:

I'm thinking it would be cool to automatically generate a random SVG "wave" for Netlify's default blog wave. How would I even get started with this? 🤔

@kensanata Please add me to Friendly People, Graphic Design, Interaction Design, Mastodon, Podcasts, Typography.

Hey everyone — sorry I was away for a couple days (may or may not been playing Spider-Man PS4 non-stop). What happened? 😅

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Hi everyone! I'm Joel, and I work with Rafa at Netlify on the design team (who was kind enough to invite me here).

I recently moved to the Seattle area, but am originally from the East Coast.

I nerd out on lots of stuff from design and code, to skateboarding, psychology, and lately interior design.

Nice to meet you all!

Took some inspiration from @rmlewisuk and updated my website with links to follow me on PSN and Nintendo Switch.

I think we made it — Mr. Tim Van Damme is on .design 💯


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Hey everyone! Thanks @victorkernes for the invite. Happy to be here and to help shape this into what we all believe it can be.

I’m a UX designer at Virta Health, based in San Francisco, and have a love for community, cars, and all things design. ✨

I plan to spend most of tomorrow working on `BlueToot` and I'm very excited about it 😍

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