@puresick nice — haven't got around to learn Vue, but from what I've seen it looks pretty neat!

Good morning Mastodon — what are we doing today?

Playing with moving the Navigation bar to the bottom — it doesn't makes as much sense hierarchy-wise, but it makes it way easier to use 😳

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👋 Hey folks!

My name's Rich and I'm an interaction designer based out of Sydney, Australia.

I'm currently the UX lead at an agency called PreviousNext and I also write and talk a lot about microcopy (I've actually got a little blog called goodmicrocopy.com if that stuff interests you).

Glad to join the group! And thanks @rafa for the invite!

@Nshan @thanks for letting me know Nshan! How are you currently listening to the file? Any specific app?

@mcpaccard it's a new feature on Mojave, on by default, and it's how the Dock currently works on the iPad. Not a big fan myself 😅

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A call for and women / non binary people out here on Mastodon. I want to follow more of you, especially ! 👋🏿👋🏾👋🏽👋🏼

@mcpaccard Bonjour Marie-Cécile 👋 welcome to .design! It's so nice to have you here ✨

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Hey design peeps! I'm Marie-Cécile, freshly migrated from mastodon.social towards a smaller, cozier instance. I already feel better here ^^

So I'm a designer, maker, speaker, writer with strong interest in and design applied to it (I run @commonfutures and you are very welcome to join). I am a freelance design facilitator and also mentor some students. My timeline will be made of etc

I'm glad that it's cold enough outside that I can finally wear hoodies and jackets again.

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