You can trace back what I was obsessing over through time by looking at the placeholder copy in my mockups 🙆‍♂️

@rafa The fake names we have in our SaaS UI (in production) are all DC characters because I was watching all the DC tv shows at the time I wrote a bunch of features.

So far only one customer has noticed.

@rmlewisuk brilliant! None of mine made it to production I don't think 😅

@rafa @rmlewisuk I think it's good that brands have an almost easter egg like theme to their placeholder content and places people rarely end up (eg 404 pages). You could call it cheesy, but you could see it as a consistent brand that has a soul…

Too deep? Yea, probably too deep…

@DavidDarnes @rafa We had a Back to the Future reference when someone tried to select a date in the past. Something like “You can’t select dates in the past…unless you’ve got a DeLorean”

Someone complained, had to remove it 😞

@rafa @DavidDarnes A user. Big customer, didn’t think it was appropriate, they were pretty angry.

@rmlewisuk @rafa boooo to them.
When I worked at Jigowatt everything had BTTF references (unsurprisingly 😅), and Anchor Themes has references to Ron Burgundy from the film Anchorman.
I like me a good reference 👌

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