I love me some updates. XD just got an update. IOS just got an update. Update all the things.

Monday is macOS?

@deirdrespencer As a freelancer for many years, I started off in branding and print, then adopted web as well. Not much of a coder but 100% know my way around. I am part of a small agency of less than 10. We cover everything from branding, social media and web design. No choice but to wear many hats often at the same time. There is no one route which makes the general vocation of design so damn interesting.

@mpcnat pet peeve of mine;(mention using XD for brochures) the term designer, in general means "screen" based designer, lately?

UI/UX is the word on the street. Yes, sure, it is the BIG banana of the moment, and yes, many peeps like to be called something else, like a "graphic designer" (is that still the preferred term?). Example of this; the excellent sidebar.io - it is a DESIGN newsletter but pretty much only caters for UI/UX stuffs.

Where are all the print and branding people at?

Matthew - I share your sentiment about folder management. Few things drive me as bat-shit crazy... youtu.be/XPUmETNZ6io?t=1464

Lets talk Apples, what are the opinions floating about the new things?

There is a fair bit of Mastedon that is reminiscent of Discord.

Good morning and hi! I am new here. I am a creative director from South Africa. Glad to be on here.


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