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J’ai fini de sous-titrer 3 vidéos sur « Tester avec vos utilisateurs » pour :
- chapitre 1 :
- chapitre 2 :
- chapitre 3 :

Celles et ceux qui pleurent pour des statues devraient plutôt pleurer pour les massacres coloniaux perpétrés au nom du peuple français

Miii \o/


Une histoire féministe du jeu vidéo : un numéro entier de la revue Feminist Media History sur cette question, et tous les articles peuvent être téléchargés gratuitement 🎉🥳🎊


[FR] Recherche d' : une de mes élèves, Laura, recherche très rapidement une alternance en tant que direction artistique junior en agence créative. RT très appréciés ! Laura est énergique, créative et décidée. Portfolio :

"If something never happened to you – that doesn’t mean it never happened."

"Works on my machine" by Terence Eden — the perfect allegory for a wider, systemic IRL issue.

(via @stephaniewalter)

"Lettre adressée à mes amis blancs qui ne voient pas où est le problème..." - Virginie Despentes

Mercredi 24 juin webinaire sur la réappropriation du numérique via les low tech par @ritimo
(ou small tech peut-être, à voir ^^)

Today I released the first edition of Riot Medicine, a public domain book to help street medics in the struggle for liberation, autonomy, and dignity for all. You can download all 466 pages for free here:

Do you have a few minutes to spare right now? I'm hosting an "Evil UX" workshop where you can help me imagine and list the worst uses for @mobilizon !

Vous avez un moment devant vous cet après-midi ? Venez contribuer à mon atelier "Evil UX" où nous allons anticiper les pires détournements de @mobilizon !

Le Confin'atelier c'est maintenant et c'est ici :

Entrée libre, venez contribuer ;-)

Does anybody have a broken huawei p9 (eva l09) but not broken lcd + digitizer ?
I would like to repair mine with a genuine display
boost ok

REVISION TO PREVIOUS COALITION POST: Due to input I've received from insightful folks with far more experience than me in these matters, I'd like to amend my previous post. Instead, I want to aid in building a coalition of folks that will offer $$$ & support for anti-abuse-centered social media projects. If you have info on these projects or like to help spread the word, let me know.

Decentralized tech is often celebrated here as preserving individual freedom, but it's proving to be an utter failure at holding bad actors accountable.

"We certainly can’t drive around as a lawful gun owner, like Philando Castile did, and tell an officer that we’re carrying a gun to feel safe — because we have no guarantee a cop won’t become terrified of the imaginary Black people in his mind and shoot a real one. (We can’t safely be a boy like Tamir Rice playing with a toy gun in a park either.)"

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"Black people know we can’t just step outside to go jogging. If we make the same choice Ahmaud Arbery did to live a healthier lifestyle, someone else might get scared and kill us. We can’t be a young woman like Renisha McBride who crashed her car and then walked up to someone’s house, knocked on the front door, looking for help from a neighbor, only to be shot to death through the screen door."

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"She told a 911 operator, voice deliberately quavering, that an “African-American” man was threatening her. After all, she knew what that particular descriptor would mean for the police response. She knew that one fact would stick in the imagination of the cops. She was so painfully familiar with how she and other people like her are afraid of the Black people in their imaginations that she used it against an actual Black person — a birdwatcher wearing a bike helmet in a public park."

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"It is ever more relevant now to remind people that anti-racism is a practice and a daily dedication in how we live our lives. It's not just showing praise when someone is taken from us by the state, it's showing up everyday to face yourselves and this system."

- @ArtistMarciaX, June 2020 newsletter

"The most dangerous place in America for black people is the imagination of our neighbors" — by Zaron Burnett III

"We protest because we are not safe. White America turns us into a threatening presence inside their heads — and we die because of what they imagine"

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