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Design School Freshman > Design School Graduate > Junior Designer > Senior Designer > Creative Director > Freelance Designer

« Février sans supermarché », le défi pour soutenir les commerces indépendants - L’opération revient pour une 3ème édition. L'objectif : soutenir les petits producteurs, favoriser la vente en vrac, le commerce local, repeupler les marchés... >

Two absolutely frustrating days and two similar evenings in a row trying to revive my n00b CSS/HTML/PHP skills to refresh my website's design and content. So hard to dive into someone's code entirely, especially when it's 3 years old and bloody Bootstrap is involved and you're not familiar with it. I'm almost tempted to start from absolute scratch. I was aiming at a super low-tech website anyway ಠ_ಠ

I’ve put my slides from yesterday’s talk, ‘People might actually use this’ online with accompanying text. It’s not a transcript, but when the video is up, I’ll post it (with captions) so you can get a real idea of how inarticulate I am in person.

Meta (-), accessibility 

how to move your masto account 

Bonjour Mastodon Lyonnais, j’ai besoin d’un conseil. Je recherche un·e psychiatre (conventionné·e car pas les moyens en ce moment) spécialisée / à l’aise avec les problèmes familiaux (important), à Lyon et accessible en transports en commun / vélo. Merci pour vos recommandations !

"Constatant l’échec du modernisme architectural et l’ampleur du changement climatique, la philosophe du rapport à la nature Catherine Larrère et l’architecte écoresponsable Philippe Madec critiquent les fausses solutions de réintroduction de la nature dans la ville. Ils tracent des pistes moins spectaculaires que des murs végétalisés, mais bien plus efficaces."

@sublimemarch just had a look at your website, and I just LOVE your "speaking" page! Well, generally speaking, your whole website is crystal clear and so pleasant to use.

I accidentally a Font Degooglifier:

I was sick and tired of having to manually degooglify fonts, so I made this. Seems to work. Handles both local files and URLs.

Perhaps somebody finds it useful.

#WebDev #SysAdmin #Google


J'ai répondu aux questions du grand débat. Je suis abasourdie de ce que j'y ai lu. J'ai rarement vu un questionnaire aussi biaisé et malhonnête. Tu veux des exemples ? C'est parti.


Hi fedipeeps! A bit of a n00b question here. Is there any way to auto-delete my toots after a certain time? Or something allowing me to bulk-delete toots of my choice without having to spend hours doing it one by one? Thanks!

a rant about deplatforming and mocking assholes 

Hey infosec people: do me a favor and assume the "use case" for anyone you don't know personally includes facing poverty, discrimination, state-sponsored oppression, corporate surveillance, domestic abuse and harassment while using your product.

Then design accordingly.

please and thanks

Dear #fediverse. I work as an #architect and design buildings that harm the planet. I am looking for a practicing #engineer who can teach me building energy modelling using #opensource tools. I have a background in software dev, run #gentoo #linux and am willing to learn down to the details.

I do not have a background in heat transfer or thermodynamics, which is why I am asking for a tutor.

I promise to use this to design better buildings.

Please help retoot this so I can find someone.

#Climat et #effondrement : « Seule une insurrection des sociétés civiles peut nous permettre d’éviter le pire » // Excellent entretien que je vous recommande. #capitalisme

Mental Health (+, Glib) 

Facebook spent $7.3 million on Zuckerberg's security in 2017, and last summer the company told investors that it anticipated spending $10 million annually...

The French DPA @CNIL imposes a financial penalty of €50M against Google for lack of transparency, inadequate information and lack of valid consent regarding the ads personalization based on a complaint by @noybeu and @LaQuadrature

#SurveillanceCapitalism #privacy #GDPR

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