Data Privacy Day — @skynebula gives us a roundup and spot-on quotes @laura :

"Protecting ourselves from tracking shouldn't just be a privilege of those with knowledge, time and money."

[FR] TechTrash vise juste à nouveau !

"Huitième site plus visité au monde, ne siphonne pas vos données pour les revendre à des annonceurs, ni ne vous fait pas payer d'abonnement payant. Comme Instagram, Facebook, Twitter ou Tik Tok, la valeur générée repose sur le contenu créé par ses utilisateurs, pourtant, son inaltérable business-model fonctionne uniquement via un système de donations."

If you behave like a techbro (see toot above), you will be rewarded with sarcasm, then dismissal.

Last but not least, just know that I enjoy (and therefore post / retoot) things that can end up being quite stressful and dry for a lot of people, such as Anthropocene related articles, videos, figures, etc.

I try my best to label such posts with hashtags that you can hide like etc


Thanks and welcome!

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Can't even have a nice little rant about without having FOSSdudes and techbros coming at you with their hot takes about how you're doing it wrong.

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"WeTransfer is free to use, but not to operate. Please consider supporting our service by disabling your ad blocker" --> did you mean "by letting us use your personal data for profit" or were you just cleaning your keyboard?

My husband got this ad on Instagram this morning. It is the VERY pot of ice cream, the VERY flavour that we bought yesterday afternoon on a whim and ate at the end of our dinner.

How can you reach this level of accuracy in targeting without actively spying on your users? It's making us freaking out right now... What could be the weak link that makes it possible to match our grocery purchases with a profile? How much data do they own?

Amazon's warehouse-worker tracking system can automatically pick people to fire without a human supervisor's involvement.

Amazon employs a system that not only tracks warehouse workers' productivity but also can automatically generate the paperwork to fire them for failing to meet expectations.
They confirmed that it fired hundreds of people for productivity reasons in just one facility over one year's time.

An important day for our freedom to organize freely without being spied on: @Framasoft has just launched their crowdfunding campaign to develop @mobilizon a decentralized and federated platform for event organization

Spread the word!

Jour important pour nos libertés : @Framasoft lance sa campagne de financement pour lancer @mobilizon une plateforme d’organisation d’événements libre et décentralisée

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"How to do nothing" — a take on the Attention Economy, social media's planned addictiveness and how to reclaim your attention on your own terms, by Jenny Odell.



Book out on April 9

"We cannot start out by building the iPad Pro of the peer-to-peer, free and open Internet. We must build the scrappy Apple computers in the suitcases first. And yet, all the while, we must never forget what our ultimate goal is."

An inspiring 2019 perspective by @aral @indie

It’s still very early, but I’m on my way to to welcome @aral who will open these 2 days of conference with his brand new talk « Peerocracy ». Brace yourselves for some mild to severe digital turbulences \o/

Hey design peeps! I'm Marie-Cécile, freshly migrated from towards a smaller, cozier instance. I already feel better here ^^

So I'm a designer, maker, speaker, writer with strong interest in and design applied to it (I run @commonfutures and you are very welcome to join). I am a freelance design facilitator and also mentor some students. My timeline will be made of etc