Anyone here interested in working together (me: UX, you: code) to build a new Appointments / Calendly-like app for ? The existing one is flawed to the point of unusability.

@Marie-Cécile Godwin Paccard @mmu_man

Moi je trouve pas si mal le calendrier nextcloud Bon la saisie des date et heure peut être amélioré car il m'est arrivé de m'y reprendre à deux fois avant d'enregistrer un rendez vous. Mais globalement ça va.

@tofeo pour ma part, elle ne répond absolument pas à mes usages pro, ce pourquoi j'aurais voulu l'utiliser en remplacement de Calendly. On manque cruellement d'une vision usages sur cette app.

@tofeo (et d'ailleurs je n'ai pas à me justifier, si elle correspond à tes usages tant mieux, moi elle ne correspond pas, donc ta remarque initiale est hors sujet) @mmu_man

@Marie-Cécile Godwin Paccard @mmu_man

Je ne connais pas trop cette app. Au début j'avais compris qu'il sagissait du calendar qui est pas si mal que ça. Surtout comparé au calendrier que j'ai avec zap.

@mcpaccard J'y connais rien à Netxcloud ni à cette app spécifique, donc j'aurais une ptite courbe d'apprentissage à grimper pour m'adapter
mais si c'est ok pour toi que ça prenne un peu de temps, chuis méga chaud !

@mcpaccard Great to hear that you want to contribute to the Nextcloud ecosystem! Just an idea, did you considered joining the Nextcloud design team and help improving the existing calendar with your ideas? The coders would be already there and I'm sure they will be open for your feedback and input.

@bjoern it's not the calendar app I'm talking about :) and yes, I've considered joining the design group. But diving into installed Github conversations (in a predominantly male environment) made me think twice about it, so I'm still hesitant. Right now, I have no energy left to fight my way in :)

@bjoern my line of thought went straight to "I need something that will answer my urgent need of letting people pick slots in my calendar for user research interviews and mentoring" :D

@mcpaccard You mean the "appointment app"? To be honest, I never tried it. From what I saw, I also had a quick look at Calendly I wonder why this need to be a extra app in the first place and couldn't be part of the calendar. But maybe I miss something. 🙂

@mcpaccard Regarding the Github conversations, you are right that the majority are still male but diversity is really important for us. We run a program to explicitly support diversity: and have a code of conduct Nextcloud wants to be a welcome and respectful place for everyone. If you experience anything different in our community, please reach out to us. We take this really serious.

@bjoern dutifully noted! Thanks for reaching out in the first place :)

@mcpaccard My wife is currently paying for #calendly, I didn't even think of a FOSS replacement. Eehm, I'll try to keep up with nextclouds feature-set... ^^

@mcpaccard any update on this topic? are you still looking for a collaborator ?

@glenux hello! Unfortunately, I will give up my Nextcloud instance at the end of the month. After thorough consideration, it did not succeed into matching my use needs. Thanks for the heads up!

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