Any proficient users out there? I really, REALLY want to love Nextcloud but I'm having a whole lotta tiny bitty troubles here and there. Don't know if it's my designer brain, or if just roaming through nerdy forums is slowly driving me nuts, but I feel like banging my head to walls for simple issues such as "open .md files with a simple markdown editor".

More on my issue: latest Nextcloud version / I want to use Pico CMS app, therefore I need to edit .md files but the Text app overwrites the YAML headers that Pico needs. Tried installing "Markup Editor" app but I can’t find how to define it as default app for .mds. ಠ_ಠ

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@mcpaccard hello, il y a le plugin "notes" pour le markdown

Est-ce que tu connais la version installée ?
Quand tu dis "simple", tu veux dire deux panneaux (source+preview) ou WYSIWYG ?

@mcpaccard @c1t1z3n0n3 is always fixing Nextcloud bugs so I’m thinking they may be able to help you.

@c1t1z3n0n3 Hey! Thanks for asking :) the Nextcloud team re-enabled a plain-text editor, which matches my use case for now. They should probably agree soon on what to do to the main Text app regarding its ability to mess with markdown.

@mcpaccard I use this app and as far as I know it set itself as the .md default during install:

It's a pretty nice interface:

@freedcreative it's great! it was also set as the default app for .md and I like it a lot. Problem: it erases the YAML headers that are needed to make Pico CMS work :(

@freedcreative (the issue was that this new "Text" app actually alters the initial markup formatting, making it impossible for Pico CMS app to render files as intended: )

@mcpaccard Oh, bummer. Yeah that's a problem. In that case, could you just use the Nextcloud app for your device to sync the files and edit them locally with your preferred markdown app? Or is it important for the editing to be web based?

I've been syncing task management and research files between devices this way and it's been working great.

@freedcreative that's what I'll do for a start, thanks for the suggestion! In the future, we'll be multiple contributors of different computer savviness level, so that would be great if the NC team finds a way to fix this ಠ_ಠ

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