"If a designer draws wireframes, prepares prototypes, conducts workshops, but cannot deliver a solution for a problem, he or she is anything but a designer."

A delightful piece by Slava Shestopalof about the slow drift of design titles towards a total lack of meaning.

"“UX/UI designer” sounds as awkward as “vegetable/carrot salad” or “vehicle/bus driver. Why don’t we call ourselves designers anymore? When did “design” cease to mean anything?"

"What’s next? Will there be Blue Button Designers? (Do not confuse with Red Button Designers.) Flat Icon Architects? Customer Journey Map Strategists? Principal Sticky Note Peelers?"

"I think large companies have also contributed to unteaching designers to be… designers. This zoo of design types is the result of granular work distribution in big teams. Designers are doing their small parts and gradually unlearn to see the final goal."

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