Hey, who wants to run in the and show off the best of what’s on their beloved laptops / notepads / etc?

Lemme start with a double layer of sass (works as a great a**hole deterrent!). With some @stephaniewalter Jen Bartel, @LaQuadrature @commonfutures Night Call, MiXiT, @Framasoft Laurence Vagner, N26, Hackstock...

any open version of it ? (can'see if not logged in and I obviously don't have an account there ... I think you have taken one of mine in it from some years ago ;) )

@mcpaccard #StickerOlympics sounds wonderful. I only sticker-up my backup/travel laptop. I have a few classic systems & languages ones and an assortment of other nonsense. Norway Once Knighted a Penguin, Baud.Bady (celebrating gopher), a stealthy Pirate Party logo, and so on. I avoided alignment and patterns and happily sticker over older ones. I love the intentional mess.

@maxeddy @mcpaccard I wanted to know where do you find these kinds of stickers? I WANT THEM! 😍

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