Hi to new followers! (thanks @vincib :D)

Welcome to my feed. Some toots might feel rough, it's by design.

Make sure you have carefully read my bio and that you agree with the following statements. Else, I'm afraid my feed will not be a place of joy for you:

- Elon Musk and similar billionaires will not save us
- Billionaires should not exist
- Uber, Google, Amazon, Facebook & co MUST be regulated/dismantled
- Trans women are women
- Punch nazis
- Degrowth & low-tech are the only way to go

Also, if you are not willing to put yourself into question, put tech and design's myths into question, step back from our current culture of over-consumption and extractivism, if you can't make a difference between cordial conversation online and demanding debate and time from someone (especially a woman) only on your terms, I'm afraid we will not get along that well.

If you behave like a techbro (see toot above), you will be rewarded with sarcasm, then dismissal.

Last but not least, just know that I enjoy (and therefore post / retoot) things that can end up being quite stressful and dry for a lot of people, such as Anthropocene related articles, videos, figures, etc.

I try my best to label such posts with hashtags that you can hide like etc


Thanks and welcome!

Of course, I'd be super glad to discuss all topics quoted un my bio with you, don't hesitate to poke me with links of all kinds that could feed my current research!

And if you need some back, please ask and I'll see what I can send you on specific topics of your choice.

@mcpaccard You might want to consider content warnings instead of (or as well as) hashtags. Unless there’s a reason you prefer not to use them, of course?

@ghost_bird you're absolutely right. I should use them more often! Old habits from bird site are hard to let go of :D

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