When people online (especially women) post something that is not explicitly asking for advice, PLEASE, just PLEASE refrain yourself from giving any. If I want to know which software to use or whatever, I will ask clearly.

Oh great, now a bunch of people have barged into my mentions, wondering "why would I post public toots if I refuse conversations?"

Well my dudes, UNSOLLICITED ADVICE IS NOT A CONVERSATION. It is someone who read my criticism about a service's communication as a call for alternative services.

If you can't read or can't comply with the basics of human interaction, I can't do anything for you, duddo.


ALSO, being on a social media platform is not a free call for people to burden you with demands for conversation or debate.

I am free to post whatever I want on here, ppl are free to answer (in the limits of politeness and intellectual honesty, which is obviously lacking when someone accuses me of refusing discussion when I was talking about something else entirely).

But I am also free to do whatever I want with the replies I get and call ppl out when it bears a load of BS.

Can't even have a nice little rant about without having FOSSdudes and techbros coming at you with their hot takes about how you're doing it wrong.

@mcpaccard Well there's several to choose from. My French sucks so I boosted the one I think you were referring to.

@mcpaccard There's always at least one ready to tell you that the only truly secure way to communicate is to write your message on a piece of rock and bury it underground until the person you want to reach happens to find it.

@jaranta "You exist, therefore people are allowed to harass you. Why do you dare to exist then?"

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