"The crisis embodied by depression thus becomes a symptom of a historical and capitalist crisis of futurity. [...] Any cure to the problem of depression must take a collective, political form; instead of individualizing the problem of mental illness, it is imperative to start problematizing the individualization of mental illness."

A Future with No Future: Depression, the Left, and the Politics of Mental Health
By Mikkel Krause Frantzen
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I’d like to further add this article: Sophie Monk & Joni Cohen, 4 Theses on Depression and Radical Praxis, 2017 →

The authors emphasize that it’s important to talk about medication. That it needs a different approach than just thinking of anti-depressants as a “politico-pharmacological control.“

“… using the medication that we require because of our conditions, to in fact enable us to struggle against those conditions. We should develop a more nuanced thinking of pharmaceuticals and resist conflating them entirely with the grimy fingers of corporate power.”

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