Alright. New year, new goals. Just stopped my Apple Music subscription and will return to MP3 files.

This is the first move of a whole big plan dedicated to diminishing my digital footprint, "deplatforming" my content (Medium, Twitter, Instagram) and turning to decentralised, self-hosted and open source solutions. Not to mention I already deleted my facebook profile months ago as well as my Amazon account.

I'll document the whole process on :)

@mcpaccard hurray for a well-curated personal library of MP3 files! 🙌

Simple, portable, durable. Good luck with the switch!

@mcpaccard For syncing files across networked devices I can recommend #syncting. I am using it to sync music (mp3, flac, ogg), books (epub, PDF), todos and journals (markdown) and several other formats across a few different devices (All Android and Linux based). Only thing to keep in mind that the devices must be on the same network. Highly recommended.

@elieuw thanks! My whole device / software environment is still MacOSX and iOS tho.

@mcpaccard See MacOS, yes. iOS, no unfortunately. Probably has to do with the limited access to the filesystem on iOS. The FAQ shows no intention to start developing an iOS client: If you don't have a budget restriction, buy a Pixel phone and install GrapheneOS ( seems like an option.

@elieuw that's a start! Also I am committed to not buying any new device :) so I'll keep a remote but curious eye on syncthing, thanks for pointing it out!

@mcpaccard Brava ! Le plus dur pour moi reste Instagram...

@Raphael très très dur en effet. Cela veut dire se priver de nouvelles d'ami·es géographiquement éloigné·es, de belles photos, de productions d'artistes, etc. Mais je n'en peux plus, trop de pub et trop de surveillance.

@mcpaccard if I can help. I'm very interested in the process even if I'm not ready to deplatform everything

@mcpaccard Same here, got rid of Spotify, already bought a bunch of music from Bandcamp.
Currently working on getting the entire music library reorganized with
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