[FR] Ma feuille de route "design" pour 2020 est publiée. Quelles thématiques occuperont mes pensées et mes actions pour les mois qui viennent ?

etc... Bonne lecture !

(EN translation coming soon!)

@mcpaccard This is fascinating. Thanks for sharing! It overlaps with some of my current research on art, networks and technology.

From things that I have already loved in this area: You might find the philosophy of Bernard Stielger ('Technics and Time') interesting, and also the artist Katie Holten's book 'About Trees'.

I see art, design, technology and environment as all part of one system, and I'm working on a new project (ironically in the UK) about collaboration as coexistence.

@ephemeral thank you! keep me posted about this project of yours, it looks really interesting!


J'avais raté la VF, que la version anglaise m'aura fait découvrir.
Juste : merci !

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