MOBILIZON (beta) IS OUT! Free, open source, decentralized, (soon) federated, privacy by design software to allow us to organize freely. So proud to be part of it!



@harald thanks Harald! I really believe this tool will empower a lot of folks. Now my aim is to help the team make it as accessible, easy to use and install as possible.

@Marie-Cécile Godwin Paccard Great, I'm hoping to be able to install an instance on my FreeBSD jail. If you need someone to help test setting up on that platform, just give me a ping.

@mcpaccard Sounds good! I have barely ever used facebook, only made an account once for events. Followed only a few locations in town. Turned out it couldn't even do that right, I got lots of weird photos and still had no overview over the events.
Mobilizon looks better than that already.

@devurandom yes it is! Beta is not yet federated but that's the next aim. Lots of amazing features are coming up, can't wait for y'all to see them :)

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