Looking for fresh perspectives and ideas about TASK MANAGEMENT!

How do you organise yourself? Do you prioritise and how? What does your to-do list look like? Does a software help you do that? How? I want to know everything about what works for you on a daily basis!

@mcpaccard I use Todoist a lot. It mostly gets out of the way, I can share stuff with other folks, make subtasks, recurring stuff too. Also rescheduling is pretty easy.

- a to-do list
- give priorities, like : this needs to be done today, in this week, during the month, before next year...
- don't be affraid to off-load things or put them to later
- Writing down things on my phone's agenda helps a lot to not forget things + a reminder if need be

It's pretty independent from the medium, can be done in your head, on paper, in a phone...


I use Wekan to manage my tasks. I don't really prioritize them. I do it the GTD way: it is the context, the energy and the desire that determine what I work on. If a task is really crucial, I put it at the top of the list or I put it in red.
I create tasks, especially from the emails I receive, so my inbox is almost always empty.

Tasks that have a fixed deadline also appear in my calendar.

Finally, still in the GTD way, I reserve Friday afternoons for the management of my tasks.

@mcpaccard I use a calendar (GCal) + a personal private Github Project with the following columns:
- done
- today or tomorrow
- soon
- later
(things move right to left. No clue why i do that. It makes sense in a way)

At the beginning of the day, i check both my calendar and "today or tomorrow" column so i can plan for the day

Aside for scheduled events, i add project-specific half-day (or full day) events on my calendar at the beginning of the week

@mcpaccard I prioritize usually by:
1) honoring expectations i directly created in other people
2) what i feel like doing

@mcpaccard Not sure what i wrote is useful
Happy to answer questions

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