Are you an instance admin? Do you have issues with the administration panel in Mastodon? Are there functionalities that you find ill-articulated or cumbersome to use? Especially regarding moderation?


@mcpaccard the most obvious thing is that you have to click on 'preferences' to get to the moderation section. I can kind of understand how that happened, but it's not exactly intuitive.

Overall I'm very happy with the admin dashboard and the latest additions (users waiting for approval is so useful!)
What i miss right now is the possibility to fetch reports received for a specific instance. For now, i can see how many reports i have received for an instance, but i can't click on that number to see the detailed logs. And there have been quite a few times when it would have been useful, to know if most reports are linked to a single user or spread across everyone on it, or if i should upgrade a mute to a suspend depending on the complaints...
That's it for me. Thanks for asking!

@shad thanks a LOT for your contribution! It will be put to good use.

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