"The study concludes that dockless scooters generally produce more greenhouse-gas emissions per passenger mile than a standard diesel bus with high ridership, an electric moped, an electric bicycle, a bicycle—or, of course, a walk."

"But the researchers found in a survey of e-scooter riders in Raleigh, North Carolina, that only 34% would have otherwise used a personal car or ride-sharing service. Nearly half would have biked or walked, 11% would have taken the bus, and 7% would have simply skipped the trip.

The bottom line: roughly two-thirds of the time, scooter rides generate more greenhouse-gas emissions than the alternative. And those increased emissions were greater than the gains from the car rides not taken."

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In a world that cares for its continuity and for the survival of all living and non-living things, life-cycle assessment would be absolutely mandatory and strict limits would be imposed to prevent the very existence of these things.

Meanwhile, I've never been that seduced by the idea of just setting an e-scooter on fire 🔥

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@mcpaccard I think the combustion would pollute a lot. But just spray-painting or damaging the plexiglas on top of the QR code needed to use a scooter should be enough to render it useless. If enough people do it, those companies should go bankrupt in a matter of weeks.

@alice I was mostly joking about setting them on fire :) agreed about QR code damaging, but these startups have no trouble replacing their fleets. They are specifically designed not to go bankrupt, unless a competitor puts sufficient stress on them. I doubt enough QR code damaging would suffice, unfortunately :/

@mcpaccard Plus, scooters and cars aren't really the same use case : people tend to use them for the last kilometer, so they'll generally use it in addition to another means of transportation. Sometimes even in addition to cars if in their opinion they can't park near enough to where they go.
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