EN— Here's Gauthier Roussilhe's low tech web design guide as well as his own path to his own website visual & technical redesign:

FR— Gauthier Roussilhe nous propose un guide très complet de web design et expose sa propre démarche de refonte. Une mine d'or !

@mcpaccard if gauthier is around here, I am curious about the reason behing the decison of limiting each image size to 100kb. why not 10ko or 1Mo?

@jums @mcpaccard

Since I've decided to have an average page weight of 500kb, I've settle on 100kb (as a maximum, not a target), so it could mean 4 pictures maximum if I want to reach my page weight average. Most pictures on my website are around 50kb, diagrams are 15kb. I've only been above 100kb for exceptional reasons.

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