Recipe: 1 liter of water, 2 tbsp of green tea and 1 of black tea, left to low-simmer for 15mn. 80g of white plain sugar, 1 week of fermentation with 2 cups of starter tea and Scoby.

I’ve tried different teas ans sugars and processes, and this is the one that’s given me the best results so far. Here are the teas I’m using.

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@mcpaccard mm ... maybe I'll try to revive that 10yo jar sitting in the reserve (I left it closed so long ... wonder if it survived) and try your proportions ...

@Olm_e TEN YEARS? waoooow! Keep me posted if you manage to wake it up!

@mcpaccard mmm ... finally I won't try to wake it up ... some darkness are better left at their fate (and these ones are ... pretty thick ... and dark ... and ...
probably pretty close to some descriptions in the "necronomicon" if we can believe the story told)

but the jar will be reused :)

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