That’s what we call a lock-in, a monopoly over our lives. Cutting from them even if we don’t pay them anything willfully has a price we pay in time, effort and money.

They catch us in their webs and never let go.

Not going to do this but it sure was interesting to read about, especially the part where multiple otherwise OK solutions fails due to being hosted on AWS or GCP.

#faang #hosting

@eitland yup! SO MANY decent tools and cool softwares are hosted on AWS servers ಠ_ಠ it's really maddening. Alternatives ask for a lot of efforts and loss of comfort and convenience. That's the price of our privacy :(

@mcpaccard Personally I won't be blocking almost anything at the host level (exceptions for certain web analytics software etc). I do run noscript though, partially as an experiment (I like to see how much of the we is still usable without JavaScript) and partly because of speed and security.

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