I love this piece so much that I'm going to share it once a month at least: "An inversion of nature: how air conditioning created the modern city" — AC contributed to "terraform" places where human life was barely possible, erased centuries of building design knowledge involving natural air conditioning and circulation, trapped some people in a conditioned bubble from home to work and back... Fascinating topic.

@mcpaccard I've only just read the first two paragraphs, and already do i want to cancel America.

@mcpaccard "If these principles are now better known, the challenge remains to expand the village-scale achievements"

what i don't understand is, why?
why would we want the scale of Houston, when we know that, environmentalally, it doesn't very well at all

@mcpaccard First I read the article quickly and I thought it was the description of the spaceship in Wall-E

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