In order to celebrate an achievement of 2018, I am very proud to share with you the first time a techdudebro mansplained me the conference I'd just given.

This is just a very brief moment extracted from the 270 seconds of his first rant. He ranted some more after my answer and came back later on when I was off stage and argued with me without listening fo more than 20mn. Extremely educational.

(sorry for the heavy GIF, bear with me!)

Full techdudebro rant can be found here, enjoy and don't punch your screen too hard!

@mcpaccard i'm having a frustrating day so yes okay let's really put that over the top


@vegetablegremlin hahaha, thanks! Yes it is :) first version of it, though. In hindsight, I find it messy and ill-balanced. I am working on new versions (one is available but in French only, sorry!) that are better and more aimed at what we can do as individuals.

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