Alright friends. One of my 2019 projects is to read more. I have decided to specifically allocate some time for reading, but didn’t find the right slot yet. What are your reading habits and why are they efficient to you?

Well OK turn it to aeroplane mode to help you focus. I won't gate-keep reading physical books. You do you.

Do not get in under the bed with the phone; this step is unnecessary in these circumstances.

@Alisca this is so far the only time I make to read, but I fall asleep too quickly :P and phone is already forbidden in the bedroom anyway! Thanks for your answer though!

@mcpaccard ah so you're problem is you're going to bed too late!!!

@Alisca most probably! Or a body which interprets lying down on a comfy bed as "oh! timez to sleep nao!"

@mcpaccard Moi j'y arrive parce que j'adore ça...

Mais ça va dépendre bien sûr du bouquin. Quel genre est-ce que tu veux lire ?

@Phigger en ce moment, je rattrape tout le retard que je n'ai pas pu lire avant : sociologie, systémique, anthropologie, économie, design, etc. Donc assez technique :/ lire 2 pages d'illich par jour et m'endormir dessus et devoir relire ce que j'ai déjà lu chaque soir, c'est tellement inefficace !

@mcpaccard commuting is a good place too. Sometimes I take the subway instead of biking to finish a book I like.

@brunpi good point, I should always carry a book with me and pop it out every time I'm in a similar situation. Thanks!

@mcpaccard for books : bedtime, after diner. I let my phone on airplane mode in another room (electronic devices are forbidden in our bedroom :)).

Insomnia are quite good moments as well !

@clairezed bedtime doesn't work for me (I fall asleep too quick :P) but after dinner might just be the sweet spot. Thanks!

@mcpaccard I bike and take public transportation to work, this is my "me" time where I read (train) or listen (bike) to audio books.

@drzaiusx11 Thanks! do you find everything you want to read in the existing audiobook offer?

@mcpaccard most books I read have an available audio book, but those that don't (like tech books) just means I switch books when switching modes if transportation. I generally read about 3 "books" (audio and electronic) at any given time, switching between them as needed.

@mcpaccard What worked for me: process is key, starting is hard, so I force myself into getting started reading, and then it goes on without much effort.

Also: find books you really really would like to read, and reading will be easier (it's a mean, not an end!). A (scary!) tactic I've read was to estimate the number of books you'll read in your entire life (by approximating how you read per month), and choose based on this. This helped me to reconsider many books I didn't really want to read.

@mcpaccard as usual, ban interruptions and their sources; choose a special place to read so it becomes a pleasant ritual; yadda yadda etc.

@bnjbvr ha, didn't think about the special reading place. Might repurpose a seat or an armchair in the living room and move the books close to it. Thanks!

I have two reading habits:
- bandes dessinées, mangas, comics : well… at least one per day. After work, in the WC, while eating… whenever, that's just in my blood.
- books: usually in the evening. Instead of watching a movie or a tv show, sometimes, I decide to read a book. Then usually, I read books in the afternoon and evening, for a couple of weeks.

@framasky Thanks a lot! You are right that it has to be built as a proper habit. I'll work on it!

@mcpaccard The first one was to force myself to read at least one chapter before sleeping… no need to say it didn't work on the long term :D
Second one was to totally disconnect from Internet (I unplug my box), which free me a LOT of time. So I would say, find what is less important for you than reading, and find a (radical) way to balance these activities.
Last one was to be sick just enough not to want to use my computer :D

@marien I'll work on the "no internet" thing. We share it so it might not please my partner, but it's just eating too much time in our lives... Thanks! (and same with the bedtime reading: DOES NOT WORK. )

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