occasionally, clicking through yet another half-arsed GDPR-mandated cookie management screen, i find myself thinking "the GDPR has buggered up the web"

then i catch myself.

no, it hasn't. the way companies have opted to respond to the GDPR is what's buggered up the web. they could have been nice and unobtrusive about it, but no, they decided that *every user in the EU* should suffer their protests at not being able to stow thousands of fragments of random shite on a whim all over their vict- sorry, users' computers.


@thamesynne that's the very definition of a dark pattern: turning the user's experience into some horrific steeple chase just to force them to comply to your advertising sh*t out of annoyance and confusion. You are absolutely right, shame on companies who made the worst of it.

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@mcpaccard @thamesynne For me it's the same as what happened (happens) with the "cookie banner". Now everyone clicks "ok give me cookies whatever" instead of being informed.

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